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learn how to produce content

professional in-studio video production in real-time editing without the wait

Professional Broadcast video production that you can go home with today. Leave with an introduction video you can post today!

About this event

Join us for a 2-hour course in turn-key video production at Zacuto Studios led by Andrea Metcalf, Dream Productions.

What you'll learn:

- Top tips of video marketing/User Generated Content

- How to get a sponsor to pay for your show / videos

- How to create your own online shows/videos in a professional broadcast setting

- Tell your story and get noticed!

This 2-hour course is like no other. We will be live at Zacutos studios so bring your smart phone, notebook, and be camera ready. You will learn how to get co-op dollars to produce a live video show. You will tape a live segment in the second hour to introduce yourself to your followers.

What you'll get:

- One 4-minute introduction video with your personal branded set design

- Sponsorship worksheet guide

- Production worksheet

- Tour of Zacuto studios

- Practice in front of a live studio audience and broadcast platform

What you need to provide us:

- Logo, title and brand colors ( we will produce your lower third graphics and have them ready to go for your broadcast)

- Social media tags

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June 24th,  Thursday

12:00pm - 2:00pm

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Space is limited.


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